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amazon image optimization

The Ultimate Guide For amazon image optimization


The Ultimate Guide For amazon image optimization : An aspect of your Amazon Image listings which will be undervalued or ignored today — and may play a major role in influencing the consumer’s buying process — is your choice of images. Using compelling images to assist describe the things you’re selling gives customers relevant information, and may be especially helpful for describing the condition of used and collectible items.


  • We’ve put together an inventory of best practices to form sure that your Amazon images are optimized and help demonstrate benefits and features to the customer during a clear manner.



Tips for optimizing Amazon product images:


1.Make sure you have a white background.
2.Image Size

3.The File Format

4.File name consistent with the product 
5.Info-graphics and lifestyle
6.Use a variety of product Image
7.Provide Image Information



1.Make sure you have a white background.


As mentioned above, this is often required by Amazon. The reason?  The White will make your product look cleaner and sharper, with nothing within the background to distract attention.


2.Image Size

The amazon product guidelines so number two is that it has to be a 1000*1000 resolution.  Because, it enables the zoom feature was it incredibly important when selling on Amazon.


3.The File Format

Need the file format to be a JPG or TIFF or a PNG file pretty standard. there’s also like a tiff file but ever any part of that that’s kind of weird.


4. file name consistent with the product


You need the file name to be consistent with the product identifier. so, most people will use the ISA the Amazons a kind of unique identifier.but,, you can also use a 13-digit ISBN UPC
code all that kind of stuff obviously! it should be followed by a period and then the appropriate file extension. So, for simplicity you put in your ACM dot JPG really easy all include-


A link below so that you guys can see all the actual requirements straight from him so, let’s jump into the medium so, the main image has to have a pure white background the image must be of course.


You know well In Focus it’s got to be well lit.  It’s gonna have like you know realistic color and without water months the full product image must be shown and you should probably feel about
85% of the space or more ideally.


  • The bigger your product image looks it the better now a really common mistake is putting in graphics or additional text on the main image now I’m not gonna tell-

You what to do and what not to do in your business. but it is against the term Assessor now in some niches it’s common practice. they’re gonna want to put like.


You know guarantees and you know maybe quantity packs if Amazon doesn’t do that defaulted for whatever reason now, you know sometimes you can tell a better story using those but it I will say that-


5. Info-graphics and lifestyle



We ourselves and seen a ton of people get their images taken down for having those kind of little graphics on the side of their main image and so, it’s up to you it’s like kinda at your own risk-

From Amazon side. they feel that it actually helps enhance the buying experience which ultimately is the most important thing that our buddy Jeff  Bezos thinks about now your main image is the most important out of all nine images more important than the lifestyle.


Ones more importantly info-graphics because, that’s the one that’s helping customers choose to look at your specific list. so that’s the one that you want to spend the most time like looking

At and reviewing that’s the one that you probably want to test most using a software called split Lee because, overall that’s like the first impression that your product is making with the
entire Amazon community so again you want the main image to be eye-catching the main image it needs to really stand out.


6. Use a variety of product Image


It is your job to use product photos on your Amazon listing that give customers an in depth view of the item from all perspectives. Not showing in aspects of the merchandise intimately can cost you a possible customer.


If you’re unsure which angles your customers want to ascertain regarding your product, attend a physical mercantile establishment and observe how shoppers interact with merchandise. the inside of purses , as an example , is usually photographed as there are important features.


7.Provide Image Information


Must be Provide All image Information in the image description. In addition, to showcasing your product, you’ll use Amazon product images to share important information about the item.



How to Amazon Image Optimization For SEO



First ways You can Amazon Image Optimization For SEO is by editing than file names for your images. so, basically the way it’s gonna work is you can use a tool like Canva.


For example, and with Canva you can resize your images and you can name it your images and what you want to name your images would preferably, be some of your main keywords.  So, it works fairly simply actually, and the way the SEO data.


It’s a little more subtle but it’s a lot easier to grasp because, when you are basically downloading an image for you know you got your product images your photographer sends them to you.

You upload them to Amazon the file name for the images themselves usually will have some sort of an obscure number or name like One,Two, Three dot PNG or something like-

That and though it seems. you know very irrelevant at first some of those smallest tweaks can give your listing just a little bit of an SEO boost that you might need to get your product index-
faxed or for keywords and also to rank fast for keywords just by, simply having your main keyword phrases as the file name for your product images. so instead of it being obscure letters and numbers it’ll be keywords dot PNG.


So, what we’re experimenting with here is the Amazon ranking algorithm the more keyword juicy can push into your listing.

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