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E- commerce Product Photography Tips
  • Learn more E- commerce Product Photography tips

E- commerce Product Photography tips: Does your idea of photography still include the wind-up disposable cameras at summer camp? Would you think about your experience taking selfies to be the majority of your photography skills? Well, you’ve come to the proper spot!

If your boss has requested some “high-quality” product photographs to market your business or to use in online advertising, don’t escape during a panicked sweat! We are confident You’ll learn everything you would like with these fourteen product photography tips, ideas, and techniques.


What is E- Commerce Product Photography


E-Commerce Product photography uses specific techniques to showcases products in a beautiful way and entice potential buyers to get specific products.


E- Commerce Product photography is an important a part of both online and offline advertising for successful catalogues, brochures, magazine ads, billboards, online ads and company websites, specifically when selling products direct to consumer.


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05.Use Exposure Compensation


Tips 01: Light


Get yourself set up lights with satellites. you get a constant set up. You can recreate this every time if you’re looking to put images on eBay or a website and you can come back time and time again, and get the same result.


Tips 02: Cube


A light Cube this is a 50 centimeter. Cube as you can see as a front panel that takes off with velcro. We’ve raised the arm on a box so, the lights are in-

The right position. but what cube does is reduce your reflections and it also softens the shadows. we do also do an 80 centimeter and that is obviously quite a bit bigger.


Tips 03: Tripod


You came on a tripod because you sit your camera on a tripod. It will be firm means you won’t get any camera shake and you can set the aperture to give you the biggest depth-

field that you want and you can also set. the ISO low which means the camera will make up. It’s own mind as to the exposure and that can be up to a few seconds tip.


Tips 04: Use Exposure Compensation


Use exposure Compensation because, If you’re letting the camera decide. what the exposure is? then if it sees a big expanse of white or a big expanse of black is trying to get that-

To a gray. so, if you’re photographing something and you want a White Background then you need to alter the exposure conversation. you need to make.the image lighter and you can see that on you.


  • You’ll be able to see that on your screen while we’re shooting this at f-16 to give maximum depth field and we’ve set a two-second delay here to allow the camera to settle down before.


The mirror goes up so, We’re taking one picture, We now got all to the exposure conversation by third. so, we’re going to up the conversation by third take the same shot and then we’re going-

To rap hit third again, you know so, it’s two thirds of a stop so, you can see the difference these three, make and all three will the third one is probably bit overexposed but We can more or less get rid of the background.


If  We really want to get rid of the background and we take it into some sort of editing software,Photoshop Lightroom and there’s some Photoshop Elements and there also some free buttons that will do exactly the same thing.


Tips 05: Don’t Use A Wide Angle


Don’t use a wide-angle lens. the wide-angle lens is going to give you this area and it will also distort your product. so, you need to use a lens that has a narrower view on a

Crop sensor it’s something like 50 millimeter on a full-frame sensor. it’s slightly more but be aware that you keep your angle view quite tight.


How To White Background Perfectly in Photoshop for E Commerce Business


Removing an image’s background features a wealth of advantages including easy integration across sales channels, increased attention on your product, and improved page loading speed. But you would possibly not skills to get rid of image backgrounds yourself.


Some Tips For How to Removing Background Perfectly in Photoshop


Tips 01: Use Selection Tools


select selection tool. then select the image here, you can see there is extra unnecessary area around the picture. so, select selection tool and select the extra Area.

When selection is complete. then, press “Delete” key select white option and press “ok


Tips 02: Use Clipping Path /Pen Tools


Clipping by using the pen tool may be a very effective thanks to achieve a white background. the method involves basically tracing round the edges of your product, cutting it out and placing your image on top of a white layer.

Although this method is extremely accurate, it’s very time consuming especially if you’ve got an outsized batch to urge bent clients.


Another downside is when a part of the merchandise is sharp and other parts are blurred due to depth of field; once the merchandise is cutout, there’s an opportunity the merchandise will look unnatural round the edges.

Photo Editing For E- Commerce Product Photography


If you actually want to urge great at shooting your own product photos, prepare to shoot a great deal and cull tons . The more images you’re taking , the more tools and tips and lighting situations you are trying , the more you’ll learn. The more you learn, the higher you’ll get.


Remember that not every image you’re taking may be a winner. Get wont to the thought of shooting and culling tons . Take as many as you would like to urge a winner, then ruthlessly cull what didn’t work. It’s better to trash 1000 images that didn’t work and have 5 spectacular images than to only shoot 20 and finish up with 20 so-so photos.


When it comes time to edit, don’t add gimmicky filters in post-processing. It doesn’t matter if you employ Photoshop or GIMP or maybe PicMonkey — cheesy, overly toned filters make your images look unprofessional and your products undesirable. Keep your whites white, your colors bright, and your details sharp. Save the filters for your Instagram selfies instead.

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