Some Ways Edit Photos For Christmas In Photoshop

edit photos for christmas

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Some Ways Edit Photos For Christmas In Photoshop




Edit Photos For Christmas: Christmas is that the annual Christian festival celebrating Christ’s birth hung on December 25 within the Catholic Church. the normal date of December 25 goes back as way as A.D. 273. 2 pagan festivals abidance the sun was additionally celebrated thereon day and it’s doable that December twenty-five was chosen to counteract the influence of religion.


To the present day, some individuals feel uncomfortable with Christmas as a result of they assume, it’s somehow tainted by the pagan festivals endured that day.


However, Christians have long believed that the gospel not solely transcends culture, it additionally transforms it. In A.D. 320 one student answered this criticism by noting, “We hold at the moment holy, not just like the pagans attributable to the birth of the sun, however attributable to him who created it.


The Origin of the Christmas Tree:



Among the numerous accounts claiming to clarify the origin of the Christmas tree, the 3 preferred area unit from the Federal Republic of Germany — creating it the likeliest place of origin. The stories span from the 8th to the sixteenth century. All 3 have some parts of historical reality, and that they might even loosely connect from one to a different.


Edit Photos For Christmas Vs Camera Lens:


Welcome back in today’s Here, We going to be going over how exactly, you can edit photos for Christmas lights so, We think at this point Christmas lights have become kind of ours signature thing and with that comes a lot of questions on how you can create that dreamy festive vibe without the expensive gear and the hours of editing.


So, there are honestly endless ways we can go about this but first, we want to choose which kind of lighting we want to play off the subject we’re shooting now.

That’s gonna range from your classic warm white Christmas light or you can even go the route of the portable string lights, which are super good for on-the-go because they have a battery pack and lately for Us.


We’ve been loving to shoot with the old-fashioned rainbow ceramic bulbs now these actually, get super hot they actually burned the couch we are shooting on so just be cautious.



Where you won’t see excessive grain now edit photos for Christmas:


The next step, we wanted to go over is deciding exactly what look we’re aiming for here for us the majority of the time. we are shooting we like to go for a more whimsical and chanting vibe we love using at prime portrait lenses and specifically.


we like using the 35 millimeters 1.4 which is currently on our Nikon d50 we also have the 50 millimeters 1.4 with us which we think should just be like a staple in all camera bags.


We’ve lost the lens cap to this guy, there’s also like paint on it. but it always comes through and always comes through.


You are the love that we also have the 85 millimeters 1.4 and if you’re looking for dreamy vibes to the max we have the 105 millimeters 1.4 a ton of people have this habit of only focusing on the camera body when purchasing a camera.


But investing in a lens that is super personalized to what you want a shoe is way more important to us and that’s why we have so many so all the ones is that.


You are just saw for us allow an aperture of a 1.4 at its lowest and with a low aperture like 1.4 we’re able to allow more into our camera sensor and this is another good way of avoiding green in our final image and honestly just having a better understanding of depth of field, in general, will help you be a better photographer overall a simple way that we like to look at it is the closer the photographer and the camera get to the subject.


Some Explain


We were able to further develop a higher quality image by capturing more bits of data it will also record thousands of more levels of brightness than other formats and this is crucial to what we’re shooting specifically but just in general now that we have a little more knowledge on focal length and depth of fields and file formats.


we can take the image we’ve captured and to post and play a little bit with the Edit another decision we have to make is what editing system is best for you there is Photoshop there is Lightroom there are millions of editing apps but for us.


 Use the Adobe Photoshop


We got our start in Adobe Photoshop so that is our choice of software something for us that has been crucial in pushing that whimsical effect even further has been duplicating different light reflections and bokeh in two parts the image where it may not be and this will make the image more eye-catching and help with.


Our overall composition but You do have to be careful to not overdo it. Because We have in the past but we learn from our mistakes so before you do anything we want you to duplicate your base layer which is your background layer that is probably locked.


If you’re using Photoshop and this helps by just having a before image to look back on it but also save you if you do go too far so,


Use The Lasso Tools In photoshop


What we do is take the lasso tool in Photoshop and select one fragment of an image either from that same shoot or we’ve even taken parts of images not even from the same shoot and edited in from.


There you can play around with placement and blending modes to create your desired effect and we would suggest doing the bulk of your color gradings like selective color and curves after you do this action so it all fuses nicely into one seamless image so there you have it.


We hope you guys learned a little bit more about how we go about taking our portraits and if you do end up using any of these tips we are talked about making sure to tag me so we can look at them and as always. we will leave a link not only to the lights we use in this image.


Photo editing for Christmas in photoshop


We are going to be showing you how to enhance Christmas tree photos just by using the ambient light of the Christmas tree now this isn’t a blog to say which type of lighting you should use or whatnot this is mainly if you want to get some quick snaps of your kids around.


The tree more documentary style we are not here to say that this is the best way to light your Christmas tree photos but at the moment it serves its purpose and we want to show you a few ways to take them up a notch and to enhance them so-


We’ll have you note that our ISO is set in 2000 so we are gonna have some visible grain our camera can handle high ISO but it’s still pretty grainy if you take a look at that so anyways embrace the grain don’t worry about it too much.


We can try to reduce it a little bit but that’s kind of the whole feel of the image so what we are going to do first is just quickly apply a preset .we are going to click dance party for my color crazy set you can apply any kind of preset that you one or any of your editing style.


You are going to just kind of mess with these settings a little bit we don’t want it too vibrant and too many whites but once we applied that preset you can see how it warmed up the image create a lot of contrast so this is a good starting point for the photo.


Focus The photo


Now, we want the focus of this photo to be mostly on him his face looking at the tree so we are gonna be blocking out this whole curtain area because it’s kind of distracting and it takes away from the whole mood of the image so we are going to grab our graduated filter.


We are gonna make sure that I click on burn now this is a filter that automatically comes with Lightroom so you should have it yourself so we are gonna click on our pointer our little marker here and just drag it. halfway through the image now,


This didn’t do too much with the basic exposure settings so we are going to just decrease it. we gonna drag it all the way down to be honest with you because we really want that blackness here and we can still see part of the curtain here but we can go back and touch that up too.



We gonna hit brush and we’re going to come down to the brush settings and we’re going to click on erase. now this will help you erase any part of the filter that you just applied so the flow is how much of the brush you want to show through so, kind of think of it as opacity 100% flow is a hundred percent opacity zero is zero.



Use The feather In photoshop


You take note of that too feathering is just how much it’s feathered you see How We can feather it gets more shallow this will be a more defined edge so definitely add some feathering.


If you’re working with faces and whatnot so we just going to go over his face a little bit maybe decrease, that flow actually undo that we gonna have to flow about 75 and just go over his face and part of his hair maybe even the shirt.


But we mostly just want to keep the shadows over here shadows on the side of his face are perfectly fine in our book it just creates dimension and contrast and it doesn’t look over-the-top and fake so, to speak so that looks pretty good edit photos for Christmas.


We are going to polish this up over here, to kind of remove any more of the distracting curtain so, we going to click on done and we going to come up here too, our brush and click on burn burns already selected and this brush looks pretty good.


Looks Pretty


Probably, yeah that looks pretty good we just gonna go over parts of the curtain that haven’t been blacked out and then just kind of go all the way to the edge just so they’re nice and smoothed over so that looks pretty good.


We can still see some here but we didn’t want to get it too crazy we’ll just go over a tiny little bit and there we go so, we going to click on new again and what we want to do is just add a little bit more brightness to this his face area.


So, we gonna just click on Dodge and just kind of go over, his face with the wall so, it’s kind of blended in a little bit and it’s not just his face where.


It’s gonna really stand out like a sore thumb okay and let’s do one more keep changing our mind on you we gonna click new so, for each brush setting that you want to apply to make sure you always click new otherwise you’re going to hit a new brush and or you’ll come over here.


Use The Brush Tools in Photoshop


You’ll click a new brush and then the brush set that you just applied will be applied to the spot that you just brushed over so, always click new when you want to work with a new brush.


we going to click burn again and we just going to burn the edges of the tree just a little bit just to give it some depth and contrast okay so, we are going to click on done and we believe that should do it.


Now, we will touch on the nose a little bit so, we are going to come down to our detail panel and you can see we’ve already sharpened this image. we apply to sharpen on import so that’s already been taken care of and with the noise.


It doesn’t really bother us but you could come over here and just kind of smooth it out a little bit if you add too much noise reduction you can see how it gets all blurry it almost looks like a painting so, we do not recommend using noise reduction at its highest setting.


 Then you can kind of see like these flecks on his face once you apply too much then it becomes more prominent and kind of icky so, we are just going to do a little bit just, to kind of smooth out some of the grain and that way it looks a little bit more polished.


In a Nutshell of edit photos for Christmas



So, there you have it we took the image the straight out of camera just added a few things to really make this pop and set the focus on the little boy in the tree.


So we hope you found this useful and you can apply these editing steps to your editing process and make sure you check out our website – Art Tech Home for more editing Service and our very own advanced edit photo Service for Christmas and others.

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