How To Make Clipping Path In Photoshop CS6

Make Clipping Path Photoshop

How To Make Clipping Path In Photoshop CS6



What Is The Clipping Path


Make Clipping Path Photoshop: In the world of photography, There are alternative ways of displaying images adapted by photographers.

Professional photographer’s skills to try photography and where and the way to display them. Earlier, the photographers wont to suffer if they might not click photographs. Since after the photo editing techniques came into the lives of photographers, it changes the lifetime of them. In fact, there are many photo editing companies that are grown up within the world who earn tons of cash by providing their Photo Editing Services.


Here is the Technique of making clipping path by the help of Photoshop CS6

Open The Image In Photoshop


For every sort of photo editing, Photoshop plays a tremendous role. most of the photo editing companies do photo editing using Photoshop. So, to form the multiple clipping paths, you would like to open a photograph in Photoshop.


It is a really easy thing to open the photo in Photoshop. To open the photo in Photoshop, attend File>Open.

Select the photo from the place the photo is found. Press enter and see the photo appeared on the Photoshop screen. you’ll also open the photo by dragging the photo from your windows. But Photoshop should remain open while you drag the photo.


Clipping Path Of The Shoes


At first, We Have to Create a Clipping Path Of The Shoes In Photoshop CS6. It is necessary because by this you will understand how you will create the clipping path of the other things as well.


How To Use Pen Tools In Photoshop


The Pen tool I’ll show you how you can use the pen tool for Remove Image Background In Photoshop. There are numbers of selection tools in Photoshop But, The pen tool is the only tool that gives you very clean and sharp selections without blurred lines or soft edges.


Because, The pen tool uses vector technology So, if you want to cut out any object with clean sharp edges then you must have some knowledge about the pen tool.


Now, let’s start with it my image then I want to cut out this Shoes with the help of the pen tool. So let’s go and select the pen tool in the toolbar there are different types of pen tools as we can see but right now.


Are using this first pen tool when you start drawing a path with the pen tool. I suggest you start it from any corner point of the object and take very few control points. Now, click and drag it and you can see a moving handle of a control point it bends the path as you can see.


We can set our path properly with the help of this handle. Now, click and drag for the next control point and Bend. Its handle this way to set it properly, You can see here the path gets out of line Because, when drawing the previous control point we have bent its handle So, to overcome this problem.


Just hold the Alt key and click on the last control point before you create a new one. It will remove the handle and allow you to draw the path properly continue drawing the path like this.


Use Pen Tools In Photoshop


Let me speed this up, This is the patch panel in this you can see the path you have drawn before some time just double-click on it and save it.


You did not need it So, You are deleting it. Here’s the path which I have created before click on it and see at the bottom of the path panel. There is an icon called load path as selection by clicking on this icon.


You can convert the path into a selection. So, Now select the layer and press Ctrl + J to create a new layer of the selected option here. You want to cut this hole properly from the path So, You have to go to the path panel and select Your path again and see here in the Pathfinder options.


You have to choose to subtract the front shape. Now, draw the path at the edge of that hole and select it and delete it.

Let me zoom in here you can see the edges of the object are still very sharp. They’ve not been blurred. So, with the help of the pen tool, you can get very clean sharp and accurate extraction more than any other extraction technique in Photoshop because it follows vector.


Why Using Pen Tool for Clipping Path and Mask


When you’re image editing, you’ve got multiple options which will include the Magic Wand, the Lasso, or the Pen Tool. Each of those has its advantages and drawbacks, except for most situations, the Pen Tool is usually the foremost versatile.


This is often very true if you’re getting to be working with a clipping path or masking a picture. during this section of our guide, we’re getting to show you why using the pen tool is your most suitable option when performing these functions.


Clipping path: Clipping Path is one reasonably icon written material service. That is mostly applied for background removal from photos.

This is often additionally immensely used for object removal, making multi-clipping-path, image masking, color-correction, and the other icon has written material services.


Masking: Masking is a perfect technique to use once you need straight lines within the image.
Photoshop CS6 masking tool is additionally very advantageous because it allows you to get rid of aspects of the first composition to vary up the image.

Using the Pen Tool, you’ll quickly create anchor points for the varied angles that you simply can later adjust at will. this is often a way more convenient method of adjusting the sizing of a target image than the other tool in Photoshop CS6.




Photoshop CS6 is a superb tool for establishing good clipping path solutions. We sincerely hope that this guide does assist you to understand the benefits of this cloud-based image solution. inspect the opposite sections of our site if you’ve got the other questions or would really like to seek out out more about our clipping path solutions for your business.

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