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Skin Smoothing In Photoshop

Learn to Perfectly Skin Smoothing In Photoshop




Skin Smoothing In Photoshop: When retouching an individual portrait, there are many various things to think about to form the image look just perfect. Eyes, lips, and hair are just a few of these aspects, but the most important one is skin. Most of the time people want their skin to seem natural and soft, not airbrushed to oblivion. Here’s a tutorial for achieving that soft, glowing look, without blitzing all realism.


Please confine mind that this tutorial is about softening the skin, not removing blemishes, redness and noticeable imperfections. What we attempt to achieve is natural and soft skin texture.


How to Perfectly skin smoothing in photoshop


. Open Portrait Photo in Photoshop.

. Make A Copy Of The Image

. How to fix blemishes in Photoshop


. Open Portrait Photo in Photoshop

At first, Open Your portrait Photo In Photoshop.


.Make A Copy Of The Image


With the image newly-opened in Photoshop, the Layers panel shows the photo on the Background layer. Before smoothing the skin, start by removing any unwanted blemishes. to guard the first image, you’ll be wanting to figure on a separate layer.


Make a replica of the Background layer by pressing and holding the Alt (Win) / Option (Mac) key on your keyboard, clicking on the Background layer, and dragging it down onto the New Layer icon at rock bottom of the Layers panel.


. How to fix blemishes in Photoshop



Duplicate of the background layer to do that CTRL+J. A comand+J.
if you’re using a Mac and then Invert it CTRL+I or Command+I.If you use a mac, and then now I know this looks like a scene from a horror Photo.


But wait it will get better. Change the blend mode from normal to Vivid like Vivid light.
Now, this makes things much worse. I know but let’s look at better. Okay, go to Filter > Other.
High pass and set the value to 24. 24 is set. That’s fine click ok.


How to Smooth Skin With Blur in Photoshop

Now go to Filter > Blur. Gaussian Blur [now], this is going to create magic. Let’s zoom in quite a bit and keep the value around 3 & 4 keep the value around such a number which accentuates.


The pores in the skin and the skin texture as general, so too much of it are not good also Introduces a lot of wrinkles.

We don’t want too much of it. I think in this case 4 will work just fine keep it for Click ok. Now, this is prepared the skin is smooth. But the problem is the skin is being applied to all Over the image also applies to the hair applies to the clothes supplies on the eyes.


It doesn’t look right does it so now all you need to do present hold alt or option and create a mask. Click on this one this creates a negative mask for it.


Select Your Brush Tools In Photoshop.



Select Your brush Tools to make sure the foreground color is white. if it’s not press D and then? you make the work a little faster, and there you go start painting over the skin and there you have it.


Don’t paint over the areas that are supposed to be sharp like the eyes like the Beneath of the nostrils. okay, don’t paint over those areas. just paint over the [areas] that are supposed to be soft.


That takes away the natural effect from there, but you can paint over it. Just a little bit.
Stay away from the lips. Accidentally painted some extra areas you can always press x this switch is the foreground of the background color makes it black.


Then you can paint in the areas that you would like the sharpness back so we don’t want sharpness and [piece] area and these areas.

How to make faces thinner (or wider) in Photoshop

The next and last step during this skin retouching Photoshop tutorial will allow you to feature or remove shadows and highlights. Strategically adding shadows allows you to form the face, or specific features, appear thinner. Adding highlights can help define certain parts of the face like cheekbones and therefore the area slightly below the eyebrow.


Step 1: Set Up A New layer.



Create a replacement, empty layer above your Texture layer. Name the layer “contouring.”


Fill the contouring layer with 50% gray by choosing Edit > Fill from the dropdown menu, or by typing SHIFT+F5 (FN+SHIFT+F5 on a Mac) and selecting 50% Gray next to Contents Click OK.


Step 2: Lighten specific areas



Select the Dodge tool from the Toolbar. like the Burn tool, you’ll be wanting to line the Dodge tool to about 40% opacity and confirm the Range is about to Midtones.


Use this tool to color the tops of cheekbones and therefore the middle of the nose. you’ll also brighten the areas slightly below eyebrows, and therefore the middle of the forehead if it’s not too bright already.

As with the Burn tool, you’ll also use the Dodge tool to decorate areas of the face that are in deep shadow to melt the general effect.


Conclusion Of The Image



Place all the layers you created into a replacement layer group so you’ll keep them together, separated from the first Background layer. you’ll now compare your changes to the first image by toggling the visibility of the new layer group.


Professionally edited images are important to creating an excellent impression to online users. Looking to find out more? We’ve created a whole library of Photoshop retouching tutorials and more guides to assist you to find out how to DIY your photo editing.

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